Reaching Your Potential

GES GLOBAL is committed to designing the best educational pathway for our students, each one leading to a successful career ahead.

The Right Guidance

We understand and assess your goals, guide you to the best combination of course, university and location and help you achieve the best.

The Right Subjects

Let us help you pick the correct specialisation and subjects while pursing your interests and achieve your goals.

The Right Experience

Combining the right guidance along with the right course, you can look forward to an amazing experience.


Do you have what it takes? Just check out the list of amazing scholarships and opportunities that's available to you today!

  • "I was impressed with the high efficiency services that Global staff offered."
    M Pharmacy
    University of Sunderland
  • "My Australian degree landed me a job in PricewaterhouseCoopers. I am really thankful for all the blessing from God."
    Bachelor of Business (Accounting, Banking and Finance)
    Victoria University, Australia
  • "My most valuable experience was when our Programme Manager arranged work experience for us at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. It put me one step ahead of other dental school applicants."
    NTO course: Newton Programme Science and Medicine pathway
    University of Glasgow, Dentistry
  • "The staff and lecturers are very friendly, helpful and caring. Even though our class consist of students from different countries, cultures and religious backgrounds, we are always halping each other and enjoy a very strong friendship."
    Foundation in Science
    INTO Queen's University of Belfast
  • "I was fortunate to receive a partial scholarship from the university for my first year."
    BCs Actuarial Science
    University of East Anglia (UEA)
  • "Studying abroad helps me to develop skills and perseverance that will help me later in life. I'm grateful that God had led me to connect with wonderful communities and made great relationships with both international and American students alike."
    University of South Florida